Hi I'm Jodie.

A Melbourne based writer with marketing know-how. 


Who am I?

Well, I could tell you about my career experience, that I've worked in PR, event and marketing roles in agencies and in house roles for more than 15 years.   I could even throw in the bit about working on the editorial team of a quarterly business magazine. 

But I don't want to do that. 

I could tell you about the courses I completed in copy writing, digital and social marketing and media and literature.  Or the countless business communications I have written, promotional strategies I have created and websites I have helped develop. 

But I reckon even my Mum would find that boring. 

I may consider talking about how my natural inquisitiveness combines well with my knack for  transforming complex concepts and jumbled thoughts into easy to understand communications. 

But really I just want to talk about you. 

How my skills in copy writing and content marketing can help your business succeed.   

Perhaps you need to:

  • Transform your website so it better 'connects' with your audience
  • Create a content marketing strategy that puts your business or event front and centre
  • Deliver all your content in a consistent tone and style that fits your brand
  • Integrate SEO into your digital marketing
  • Or perhaps you just need a one off blog, newsletter, email marketing campaign, social media post, tender or media release written. 

Whatever your content needs I can help. 

I provide a comprehensive, friendly and honest copy writing and content management service.  I don't outsource my work - so the advice and the writing you receive is 100% from me.

What do clients say about me?

Well if you must ask:

"Jodie is a true wordsmith"   "She makes my job easy"   "Fabulous person to work with"

"Jodie provided very insightful and professional advice to support our business objectives, capturing our vision and values within all of the content."
"She absolutely nails the brief of communicating complex information in an approachable and easy-to-understand manner."
"She is able to build relationships with clients through her consistent and reliable delivery of service."

Want to know more? 

You can discover all the key facts about my career, travels and what I do in my spare time below. 

Otherwise you can just call me so we can start talking about you. 

Professional Freelance Copywriter