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Client:                Tara Shields Kinesiology - a kinesiologist based in Byron Bay, NSW

Job:                     Website copywriting


Background:       Tara’s pre-existing website was image rich but content poor.  The copy used was general in nature, lacked a branding voice and did not consider keywords or SEO.  Tara was looking to refresh her website completely with a new design and content that better told the story of her business and the services she offered.

Service:                For Tara I delivered her website content that:

  • Established a brand voice that was used consistently across the website that also established a point of difference with other competing kinesiology services
  • Better explained the benefits and uses of a Kinesiologist to capture new customers and appeal to existing customers
  • Creatively introduces Tara and tells her story of her journey to being a Kinesiologist
  • Promoted her different packages and services
  • Created call to actions to increase the “stickiness” of website (duration of visitors and journey through website)
  • Considered keywords for SEO purposes


"Jodie's incredible, she transformed my website from a place of little (or no) information about myself, my services and how I got to where I am, into a content rich, exciting and captivating site! 

I'm very grateful to have worked with Jodie as her drive, enthusiasm and passion for what she does was so inspiring and exactly what I needed as writing is definitely not my strong point. 

If I didn't have Jodie on board I honestly don't know how I could have got my website to look and sound as amazing as it does!! Thanks so much again Jodie for all your guidance, support and patience in getting my site to where I needed it to be! You are a natural talent and effortlessly string words together like a true wordsmith! I recommend you to all my friend and clients!"

Tara Shields, Tara Shields Kinesiology