A profile copywriter that gets you. 

How to sell yourself, your business and your staff with a copywriter. 

Your about us page, staff bios and LinkedIn profiles all do the same thing - sell you.  Yet, to work properly they all need to be written different to fit the intended purpose and appeal to your target audience. 

As a an experienced profile copywriter, I know how to write each piece to fit your brand, highlight your experience and sell your benefits.  Mostly importantly I know how to capture your personality. 

  • LinkedIn Profiles - Individual or company LinkedIn profiles

  • Team Bios - Capture your team in a consistent way that fits your brand

  • About Us Web pages - Interesting and enticing about us pages that capture your business personality and engage your audience

We were really struggling to encapsulate our business in a few lines. Jodie took what we had and in an amazingly short period of time had created a concise, professional and efficient descriptor of what we actually did...in doing so she provided us with a clearer message when describing our business.
— Dwayne Nestor, SiSu Life.