I made a puppy sad (and I loved it!)

I truly love it when a marketing email grabs my attention - and this is the case of the email I received from Who Gives A Crap.

It was the subject line that first got me in.

What did it say?

"You've made this puppy very sad."

Awww no!! How did i do this! ...they got me...I clicked!

And I am glad I did - truly loved the email that came with it.

The accompanying photo (of said sad puppy!) was adorable, the copy was quick, too the point and funny and the call for action button went straight to their store.

The email (image in full below) is obviously part of a re-engagement campaign for customers who hadn't purchased in awhile.  (Sorry Who Gives A Crap - I do give a crap - I just stocked up on supplies elsewhere!)

So here is the email that gets my bit thumbs up.

Adorable, short & too the point and bloody funny

Adorable, short & too the point and bloody funny

Nice one Who Gives A Crap.