The essential guide to mastering your About Us page

The essential guide to mastering your About Us page

Forget your English teacher, if you approach the writing of your About Us page like you're speaking to them face to face you'll get top marks
(and customers!)

Today, consumers prospecting for service providers online will “meet you” well before you even get an opportunity to officially meet them (that’s if you ever do).

Whether you're selling the products or service they need - they actually want to find a reason to do business with you.

This is why your website's About Us page is so essential.


Your About Us page plays a significant role in the customer journey as they tour your website to decide whether they do business with you or continue on with their search.

For many, the page can be a key deciding factor as to whether to make initial contact with you to do business. 

You see, a well-constructed About Us page helps you make a connection to the reader and  differentiate your business from your competitors.

Basically, it’s their personal introduction to you, your business, your values and your approach to servicing clients.

When writing your About Us page, it's worthwhile forgetting  your high school English teacher and pretending you’re at networking event and meeting potential customers face to face instead.

Here are some 5 key tips to write your About Us page:


Ever heard anyone speak about themselves in the third person?  It feels a bit alienating doesn't it, not to mention a  little weird!

You wouldn’t do it at when meeting customers, so don’t do it on your website.

Just as in face to face, writing in the third person creates a distance between you and the reader. 

So instead, use the appropriate first-person pronouns - I, me, my, mine, we, us, our and ours.

To make an event stronger connection, speak to the individual rather than aimlessly at a larger group by using 2nd person pronouns such as you and yours.

For example, rather than writing:

Bakers Bread bakes and creates delicious goodies for customers daily.


We bake and create delicious goodies for you daily.


It’s no secret we speak differently to how we write.

In fact, if you dictated directly what has been formally written – you’d probably sound like a robot.  Which makes it pretty difficult to connect in person or in writing.

So, unless your audience is the Queen, kick the formal approach to the curb.  Take a more relaxed and fun angle to your writing including:

  • Not using industry jargon or unnecessarily over-complicated words
  • Using contractions such as can't, won't, you've and so on for a more relaxed vibe
  • Keeping sentences short and to the point rather than rambling on and on and on...

After you've written your About Us page - read it aloud to yourself (not in your head).  It may feel a little daggy, but it'll give you a feeling about how your writing sounds to others. 

Remember, the the aim is to make a connection with your reader rather than be a 100% grammatically correct.


When you're genuine and authentic  people can feel it.  And if it connects with them they will want to be a part of it. 
(Besides, it can be pretty exhausting pretending to be someone else day in and day out.)

Share your business values, passions and mission.   Understand your brand and the way you want to do business and promote this. 

By declaring who you are, what you stand for you can really differentiate your service from your competitors.


When you're at a networking event casting around for someone to connect in with – who do you notice?
Everyone dressed in the same “corporate norm” or the person who is bucking the trend in some way?

You don’t have to follow the done a thousand times the same way method that everyone else has done for years and years.

If you feel you have a way that tells your story best trust your instincts.   

It's good to stand out from the crowd in the right way.  Just, remember be true to who you are.

Read the About Me page I wrote for one client who wanted to stand out from the crowd


Now if you're with customers droning on and on about yourself – you’d probably find yourself on your lonesome pretty quickly. 

Instead you'd be looking to find some common ground with your customers. How  you connect, their problems, how you can help and do business together.  

By showing an understanding of your audience needs or interests on your About Us page you can create a valuable connection with your customers. 

Remember people want to deal with people who they feel understands them and their needs.

For example you can start your page with a statement that directly connects with the pain points of your audience. 

"I love running. There is nothing better than the feeling of your feet hitting the pavement and the adrenaline hit after you've reached your destination.   But, I was sick of being injured.

It's why I invented the Runneriser. "

The above statement makes a connection and credibility with other fellow runners. It shows you  know about the highs and the lows a runner can experience. 

It makes that valuable connection that you understand them and their world. 


Remember the goal of writing your about us page is to make a connection with your reader rather than be a 100% grammatically correct.

So approach it as if you're speaking directly to your customer:

  1. Don't speak in the third person (it's just weird!)
  2. Speak directly to the individual rather than aimlessly at a group
  3. Don't sound like a robot trying to memorise formal lines - make it a conversation instead
  4. Dare to be you - being genuine and authentic is attractive (It's exhausting trying to be someone or something else)
  5. Ask about your customer, connect in with their needs and show them you understand

Good luck.  

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The author

Jodie (that's me) is a Melbourne based About Us  writer brimming with creativity, inquisitiveness and marketing know-how.  I have an approachable, straightforward style that helps me understand you, your business and staff so I can write about you with simplicity and impact. Oh and I also love chocolate!