The top 5 must do marketing basics for 2018.

The top 5 must do marketing basics for 2018

Was your 2017 marketing a flop?  It's time to strip back to the basics and implement these top 5 marketing tips for 2018.

As we finished 2017 and entered into 2018, we become inundated with articles on this year’s latest marketing trends for businesses.

But before you jump onto the latest sparkly marketing bandwagon you need to stop, take a breath and make sure you’re getting the basics right first.

For without the basics, any money, resources or time your pouring into your marketing will be surely wasted.

So, here’s my top 5 basic marketing resolutions every business needs to first get right.

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Let's take the time to look back on your 2017 content marketing.

Were you on plan?

When you look back at the previous 12 months of content marketing what do you see?

A well thought out plan that was strategically implemented  (rather than left to gather dust!)


A hodge-podge collection of ideas that were put together when time and resources allowed?

Regardless of whether you’re going to implement the latest trends or stick with those already in your marketing toolbox– if you don’t have a plan, you plan to fail.   

Create a content marketing plan for 2018 (and stick to it!)

Now it can be daunting to create a 12-month plan in one go,  so I recommend breaking your marketing year into quarters, identifying some clear, easily achievable goals for each period that work in with the businesses overall annual goal.  

Did you do your research?

Which leads us to how you create your marketing plans.  Do you base your strategy on defined research or do you just wing it based on assumptions?

Content marketing works especially better when it’s based on well-founded knowledge including:

  • The buying habits, decision making and barriers of your target customers
  • Gaining feedback from your customers on your business strengths and weaknesses
  • An analysis of your website traffic and past content marketing successes and failures
  • What your competitors are doing
Before you finalise your plan undertake some research such as creating a customer survey and undertaking a desktop analysis of your competitors.

Were you targeting the right people?

Now one of the most important aspects of your research is getting an understanding of your target audience.

Looking back into 2017, could you confidently say your content marketing was aimed at your specific customer base?

If you’re targeting “everybody” your content marketing won’t be very effective.  It’s time to start creating a clear definition of who your target audience actually is.

Have a look at your past sales and digital data to see who made up the majority of your customer base and prospective clients are. Things to look at can include location, gender, age, industry, prime decision makers and so on.

After defining your target audience create a couple of customer personas so you can make better marketing decisions with particular people in mind.
Creating customer persona is an ideal way to create better targeted marketing campaigns.

Creating customer persona is an ideal way to create better targeted marketing campaigns.

Were you consistent?

So, now you have your plan, completed your research and have clearly identified your target base – it’s a no failure venture right? No.

Even if these steps are completed successfully, you can still look back and see a series of failures behind you.   Why? 

Because marketing is about showing up day after day, being stable and constant in your offerings and adhering to your brand’s look, tone and missions.

For 2017 did you…

  • post on your social media or send email marketing regularly?
  • create blog articles of the same quality and usefulness to customers?
  • use a consistent brand look and voice?
  • follow through on your marketing promises?

By implementing your plan regularly and consistently you’ll establish a profile, building a following and become known as a trusted resource.

Allocate dedicated time into your weekly schedule to spend on content marketing.

Did you use your resources wisely?

So if the last point has made you think “Hang on, I don’t have time for that!”

If 2017 was a year where marketing landed solely on your shoulders and you couldn’t handle the load, 2018 obviously needs to be different.

It’s time to look at the resources available to you:

  • Do you have staff around you that have expertise in areas that can help?
  • Have you looked into automation? For example, there are a number of social media automation tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer and HubSpot that will allow you to schedule in social media posts in one go.
  • Do you have the budget to contract some external help in areas that aren’t your strength?  For example, a professional writer to write your blogs or a content marketer to put together your content marketing strategy.
Utilise the resources around you wisely to lessen the marketing load and improve output!

Aim for the basics to get it right.

By aiming to get these five marketing basics right for 2018, you'll be more guaranteed to see success at the end of the year than looking back on 12 months of marketing mishaps. 

By building these basic foundations it will provide you with the confidence to integrate the latest marketing trends into your strategy.

Make your 2018 marketing great by getting these 5 basics right. 

Make your 2018 marketing great by getting these 5 basics right.