Email Marketing: A "must have" in your marketing toolbox.

Email Marketing: A 'must have' in your marketing toolbox 

Discover why email marketing is a key addition to your marketing toolbox.

For any business, an email marketing strategy is as essential inclusion to your marketing toolbox.

It provides an avenue for customer engagement and retention - two important aspects for sales growth and business longevity. 

What is Customer Engagement? 
Customer engagement is repeated interactions that strengthen the emotional, psychological or physical investment a customer has in a brand. 

What is Customer Retention? 
Customer retention is maintaining relationships with existing customers to strengthen ongoing loyalty, custom and referrals.

So why are these important?  Well, let's break it down. 
Once you've made a sale, you have an existing customer. An existing customer who has trusted your organisation with undertaking a transaction. If they're satisfied with your products and service there is always potential for more sales in the long term.   

This is where email marketing comes in. 
Email marketing will help you foster loyalty and future sales by maintaining the attention of your audience through interesting content. It will serve as a reminder that they have previously trusted and selected you as a supplier.

"But I have nothing interesting to say!"
While the thought of having to fill up a regular email with new and interesting information can seem daunting, it's not as difficult as you think.   

The most important rule to remember is that customers need to see the information as relevant and adding value to their lives. 

Every company has  expertise or products that solves the problems  or pain points of their customers. 

By providing free advice or industry knowledge (e.g. How to colour your hair like a professional, How to save on your mortgage or - my favourite - Notification of a sale ) you'll prove your value, establish your credentials and build customer loyalty. 

Who do I send my emails too?
Every one of your customers - past and present. I recommend you segment your database into different groups based on the different categories of clients you have. This way you can do more targeted campaigns that will see better cut through.  (Basically it's just sending the right messages to the right people.)

What is marketing segmentation?
Email segmentation is the division of the market for a product into groups of customers with identifiable needs and characteristics.

Check out email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, Campayn and Emma which all have list segmentation capabilities.

How often should I send emails?
It's a different answer for each business dependent on the type of service or product you have.   For instance, an e-commerce site that relies on internet sales (such as ASOS) would need to generate a large traffic flow to their website to achieve sales and would send out emails regularly, even daily. While an organisation who doesn't sell their products online, such as an accountant can limit their emails to say a monthly timetable.  Either way through a continued and regular email marketing campaign you should see an increase in website traffic, enquiries and sales.

Keep your email marketing afloat.
At times it may feel like emails are swallowing up too much of your time (remember you can always outsource) but by being regular and consistent in your email marketing efforts, you'll build a profile and connection with your audience that's invaluable. 

If you are looking to start an email strategy find out why you should treat your email marketing like you were on a date!)