Email Marketing: So they want to unsubscribe?



When a email subscriber hits the unsubscribe button it doesn't mean the relationship is lost forever!  In fact, there are strategies you can implement to lure the person to remain on your list.  It's all in how you manage the unsubscribe process.

Let's review how other companies are managing their own break up process and, in turn, see how you might be able to improve yours. 

Rejection Stings!
This well known shoe manufacturer seems to take rejection personally.    The company doesn't provide its followers an opportunity to stay with only a short sharp and impersonal message saying the job is done.   It's basically goodbye forever!

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Polite Surprise - You're Leaving ME??
This online furniture company is polite in unsubscribing you but seems utterly surprised you've even considered leaving asking if you didn't actually do it by accident.  

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But what did I do wrong??
These two companies ask up front why you're leaving - ready to take a good look at themselves and their communications.  It doesn't entirely encourage people to stay but it shows they are listening and interested in the other party.   The first image also provides a link to return to the company website keeping the door ajar for a change of mind.

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Well here's a parting gift for you to remember me by...
This online clothing company also asks for feedback but shows no hard feelings by providing the subscriber a parting gift with an invitation to enter a competition toWIN A WARDROBE.  How nice.   All you need to do is enter your email address again which will undoubtedly add you back onto their database...(so sneaky and so clever!!)

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Hang on, I am not prepared to let you go...
These three companies are really not ready to let you go.  All in different ways they open up the conversation about how the relationship can improve.   Each offer options for the subscriber to take back the power by offering the opportunity to change their profile/topic preferencesor to change the frequency of emails received.   I especially like the Bonobos screen that uses humour to lure the subscriber back. 

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So it is all about communications...
Basically to look at changing a persons mind or learning from the experience - you have to open up communications. If you are prepared to receive some feedback  you can learn so much about why you're losing subscriptions. 

Through adding some questions, you can at minimum, collect data to improve your ongoing strategy.  At best with some humour or well placed questioning you can convince the departing customer to stay

So basically all is not lost if someone chooses to go though the unsubscribe process.  

By putting a little bit of thought into the exit process for consumers you have the opportunity to gain so much more.