Fiverr: A bargain paradise or junkyard of wasted dreams?


The one thing you should know about me – is that I love a bargain.

Writing this at a time of the year where many are not just recovering from Christmas but also the Boxing Day Sales – I know I am not the only one.

So when I heard about Fiverr – a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per task – you would be right to say I was a tad excited!

Copywriter blog business writing

From the minimal cost of US$5 you can get experienced (and a few not so experienced) graphic designers, digital marketers, content creators and more plying their skills and talents.

Need some tech work on your WordPress website, a press release written, a music video or some work translated to English?  No problems.  Jeepers, if you want a message to you written on a potato - Fiverr has got your back.

As a small business owner with a shoestring budget it seemed like a dream come true.

But is it worth it? Is Fiverr a bargain paradise or a junkyard of wasted dreams?

Well, it's both.

Here’s my 5 top Fiverr experiences to tell you why:

Transcribing audio and video

I have had both audio and videos transcribed and the service provided has pretty much been top notch.   Once I found the right supplier that is.  While admittedly any of the issues experienced was due to unsuitable quality of audio I provided I experienced difficulty with communication with some suppliers who weren't upfront from the start.

But overall transcribing on FIVERR is definitely worth it.  It's cost effectives with my supplier not only following instructions to the tee but returning the files to me within 24 hours!   Now that is service.

Oh, but I should also say while it was affordable my requirements did cost more than US$5.

Logo Design

When I first started a previous business – I went against my instinct and years of marketing experience – and turned to Fiverr to get a cheap business logo created quickly. I went through two different suppliers spending from US$5 to US$65 on design concepts.  And while the service was great and the designs passable – really cheap logos were never ever going to satisfy me.  Because a logo really needs to be considered, it needs to represent who you are and what your business stands for to set you apart from your competitors.   A cheap, fast logo is never going to deliver this.


Photoshop Editing

For US$5 I arranged to get a couple of images of myself photo shopped including removing wispy flyaway hair, removing the dark circles from under my eyes and smoothing out the skin.   For this minimal cost – I was allowed to provide unlimited photos and receive unlimited revisions.  I didn’t need the unlimited revisions.  The supplier followed my instructions to a tee and delivered exactly what I wanted overnight.


The instructions

The instructions

The finished product

The finished product

Website Evaluation

Now usually when working in marketing and creating a website I had my slew of professionals on hand doing their bit.  In initially setting up my business website I had more time than money so set it up myself using WordPress.  I wanted to get a completely unbiased review of my website so I turned to Fiverr.  While the ten top tips I got back was certainly useable and very effective – they were general in nature and for some to put them into effect required more investment with the supplier.

Pop Art Portrait

For a small email marketing campaign– I arranged a pop art portrait of myself.   It was quick and easy and exactly what I was after – all with minimum effort - but at US$10 it was more than the advertised US$5.  Of which I was still happy to pay.


A Fiverr Pop Up Challenge

Overall, with Fiverr the $5 bargains sit in the little jobs, the quick and easy tasks that are general in nature.  If you read and understand the small print of what they will deliver for the cost and don’t expect anymore – you will be happy.  And this is where you will find bargain paradise.

It's the tasks that need more consideration, effort or tailoring that end up in the junkyard of wasteddreams.  You need to put in the time to find the right supplier and considerably pay more for the service.

The search can be a considerable waste of money and while you definitely  mightfind the right suppliers on Fiverr you might also be better to invest with a more local consultant that you can meet face to face and properly discuss your requirements.