Content Marketing: Top 5 articles of the week

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Here's the tips and tools to optimising your 2018 content strategy.

As we head into the new year, it's time to step back and assess what worked and what didn't for your 2017 content marketing strategy.   

Through assessing your content successes and failures it means you can create a renewed strategy that seeks to be more engaging and delivers a higher ROI.

I've gathered the top 5 articles of the week that discusses why you should assess your content marketing, what you should assess, the 2018 content marketing trends and what you should do for the holidays. 

1. Content not performing as well as you'd hoped?

According to reports the number one reason consumers give for not engaging with content is that it's irrelevant to them.    If your content is not performing to expectation, perhaps it's time for an audit.  Read here

2. How content marketing plays into SEO (and vice versa)

Is your content marketing and SEO like peas in a pod? While your undertaking your content audit, this article from Huffington Post informs us we consider how we integrate our SEO strategy at the same time.  Read here

3. The secret to successful content marketing in 2018 is having a strategy. So get one. 

Looking back on your 2017 content marketing did it work? Are there new tactics you should consider to replace the old?  This article looks at mobile, how to prepare for new platforms and why you shouldn't give up on email.  Read here

4. Three significant video trends for perfecting your 2018 Content Marketing strategy.

If video isn't in your content marketing strategy - perhaps it should be.  Have a look at the significant trends of video for 2018. Read here

5. The impact of pausing your content strategy for the holidays.

Things across the business world slows down over the Christmas and New Year period right?  But should your content?  Find out here

Like anything, if you're going to commit resources to a marketing strategy you want to ensure you get a strong return on investment.  That's why it's essential to take the time to assess your previous results, pour over your data and identify the tactics that worked and didn't work.  If you are to close to it, ask for need an impartial perspective to go through it.     It will be worth it. 

Happy Christmas and New Year to you.