Not sure what a copywriter actually is or why you even need one?  Want to know more about me, my process and if I have a favourite joke?  Here are some of the answers for you...

What is a copywriter?

Firstly,  I do not have anything to do with the legal side of copy RIGHTING.   Rather, I write words (or copy) for marketing and advertising purposes. 

Nope, still not sure what it is you do!

Well a good copywriter can help you put together the right words for all of your business marketing and communication needs. 

But anyone can write, so why hire a copywriter?

Yes, everyone probably has the basic skills to write, but not everyone has the skills to do it well.    Well written marketing communications should be on point, highlight important benefits and motivate your target audience to act.  There is a skill in achieving this. 

What do you actually write?

My forte is writing marketing and communications for businesses and events. Here are some of the jobs I've completed this year:

  • Multiple websites - from writing of brand new ones to refreshing old ones with SEO
  • Recreation of template letters for a large national organisation to better communicate with their clients and to motivate action
  • Product descriptions for an online store
  • The writing of a quarterly print newsletter for an events company 
  • Email marketing for events
  • The writing of media releases for a tap ware brand
  • The creation of a content suite for a HR Software company (including blogs, e-booklets, articles, info-graphics, case studies and interviews)
  • The writing of business tenders and annual reports
  • LinkedIn profiles for a recruitment company
  • Social media posts for an adventure based company

And the list goes can read more in My Archives section.

So, what makes you different to other copywriters?

I have a background in PR, events and marketing.  So I approach my copy writing from a strategic marketing prospective. I believe that if each piece of writing doesn't have an identified purpose behind it - it's a waste of your money.   When I work with you I will take the time to get to know your brand, your audience and your prime objectives so I can write you copy that actually works.

Why is it important to get to know my brand more?

Any writing for your business needs to be a good fit and match for your brand.  It's a voice that needs to sound authentic to who and what your business is about, otherwise it just won't ring true to your existing and prospective customers. 

How much do you charge?

I charge dependent on type of project.  As a general rule my quotes generally include a brief, provision of copy and two sets of edits.    

If I book a job with you, what is the process?

Step 1:  Getting to know you -  I do this by working with you to create a brief of your requirements going over your objectives, your business, your target audience etc. This will either be completed in person together, via Skype or by you completing a form (or even all three!).  Here you will also likely receive some strategy recommendations from myself for you to consider. 

Step 2:   I write - I go away and put on my creative hat.  I write, delete, rewrite, edit and write some more until I have created a first draft I feel best responds to the brief we created in step 1 and that I am actually happy to send to you. 

Step 3: It's back to you -  In the majority of quotes, you will receive two sets of edits within the cost.  The very first review of the copy is your most important one.  It is where you need to consider whether the copy I have written is actually what you are after,  whether the tone of voice reflects your business brand, whether I have captured the benefits well, whether the copy will appeal to your target audience and if the call to actions are suitable.   It's important here for you to be brutally honest - as my goal is to make sure you leave happy with your copy. 

Step 4:  Back to me for a second draft - Here based on the feedback you provided in step 3, I make the necessary changes to the document be it a full rewrite (rarely required) to making various adjustments (more common).    

Step 5:  Last steps - After we have finalised the copy, I generally request to see the copy in its final design state (be it a website, brochure or email) as sometimes the copy just doesn't work as well as it did in the word document.  Here I will make some final recommendations for you to consider to make final changes.  

I want to obtain a quote and book a job. How do I do this?

To receive a quote, you can either complete the below form or call me on 0410 550 874.  To schedule in a job, you will need to pay a 50% deposit prior to me commencing on your project. 

Do you have a favourite joke?

Why yes I do!

"How much do pirates pay for their earrings?
"About a Buccaneer" 

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