A Copywriter with Marketing Know-How

Outsource your content writing to someone who can optimise your digital presence.

I'm an online content writer, a social media strategist and an email marketer with  agency experience in strategically marketing a business to its target audience.

I can create a strategy to reach your audience, craft a message in your unique brand voice and optimise SEO and call to actions to increase conversions. 



If you don't have a working website you might as well not be in business.   I can help plan a new website, update an old one with refreshed content and create call to actions that encourage traffic conversions. 


Email marketing is a key element to creating customer engagement and building client loyalty.  I can write full newsletters, contribute articles or create a full email marketing series.

video script writer


Did you know that including a video on your website page will increase conversions by 80%? With a statistic like that you need to start recording STAT!   Let me assist you with crafting up a script that will sell your message!


With content crowned as king ensuring a consistent cycle of resources is paramount to driving traffic to your website.  I can develop a content marketing strategy and keep your content library stacked.  .

Social media icon.png


To make an impact on social media – you need to be both regular and true to your brand.   I can help from creating posts right through to managing your accounts.

blog writer, Profile writer, infographic creator, case study writer


Lets stock up your content library with all your copy writing needs including blogs, e-guides, case studies, infographics, testimonials, product descriptions, about us descriptions and LinkedIn profiles. 

My advice to anyone looking to create content for their website - use a copywriter like Jodie North. I procrastinated for ages thinking ‘it’s just words I can write this myself but in reality it never happened until I employed a professional like Jodie.
— Anna Clothier, Team Apparel