Case Study - Image Effect About Me and Website

Melbourne profile writer

Bree from Image Effect was after a unique about me page that better reflected her personality and business vision.

According to the client "I NAILED IT".   Read below what Bree had to say about her new About Me page for her website.  (You can see her website here!)

It was one of those weird Spring days last year when there was probably too much pollen in the air and I decided to mix up my lifelong obsession with all things Dolly Parton into copy about me as a designer. So I threw my idea at the super talented Jodie North bought her coffee and gave her a wink.

To say she nailed it is an understatement. Every time I read it I laugh out loud.

Hi, I’m Bree – the Dolly Parton of the corporate logo design world.

No, I don’t have blonde hair (I’m a brunette), nor a Tennessee drawl (unless asked) and I have never been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame (although I am a budding country folk singer).

Rather I am a thoughtful, visionary artist with a strong business sense.

Obviously this means I’m not a hipster designer with a beard who drinks deconstructed café latte while sitting on a milk crate down some hidden Melbourne laneway looking to make your logo design the next feather in my fedora.

Nor am I a designer who takes online jobs for $5 to churn out replicated logos in between ad breaks for The Bachelorette for clients I have never even spoken to. (To paraphrase Dolly’s big hit Joelene “I’m begging of you, please don’t ruin your brand”.)

Instead, I am an authentic and passionate graphic designer who invests in the full creative process to visually interpret your business vision into an enduring signature brand.

And just like Dolly I have penned (literally) hundreds of classic (logo) hits that have endured the test of time.

As a supplier, I am the project manager and the designer rolled into one because I believe that the person designing your business branding needs to be front and centre in the whole process to truly understand your story.

It’s this collaboration that will eventuate in a high quality corporate logo design that appeals to your target audience and reveals the story of who you are and what you stand for.

Because to paraphrase Dolly’s song I will always love you (yes not only did she sing it before Whitney she actually WROTE the song) – “I will always love logos” and I think you should love your logo too.

Now, I don’t just work 9 to 5 (yes another Dolly reference!) and leave once the job is done. I become fully invested for the long term to continue working on your business branding when and if you need.

How good is that? I love Dolly, I love my work and I love Miss Jodie!

Thank you for listening x


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