Case Study: Event Communications - SHD2014


A nationwide public event featuring more than 170 sustainable green homes opening to more than 15,000 members of the general public to provide eco-friendly tips and advice on how to live more sustainably. 

Sunday 7 and Sunday 14 September 2014

More than 170 homes, apartments from all states and regions of Australia

– Event planning: National management, document creation,  participant recruitment, planning, financial management and supplier liaison
– Sponsorship: Sponsorship strategy, negotitations and sales, sponsor liaison, and relationship management
– Marketing & Public Relations: Branding, marketing strategy, social media, public relations, website management
– Copy writing:  Blog posts, articles, media releases, website, marketing collateral, sponsorship prospectus

– Re-connectingand regaining the trust of state, regional participating groups and individual homeowners after poor organisation from previous organisers
– A minimal budget relying on the contribution of corporate sponsors and fiscal creativity

– A 36% increase of SHD14 Facebook followers (an additional 700) during a five month dedicated social media campaign with a total post reach of 69,581.
– The development of a comprehensive sponsorship strategy that attracted new corporate sponsors for 2014 plus the contribution of $8000 of competition prizes for use in the social media and event marketing campaign